About Us

The sole objective of Jim Reed Consulting is to facilitate and assist its clients to achieve their highest level of “Emotional Intelligence” and self-mastery skills through a series of “engaged learning” techniques` and dialogue.The outcome will be an increased awareness of their knowledge, confidence and competence, which will contribute to their overall professional development.

Jim Reed – President

“Jim is full of energy with a passionate purpose to help others succeed! I recommend Jim to anyone wanting to up the positive vibe within their company.”

— Steele Choice Insurance, January 4, 2010

Building Strong Team Leadership:

Since 2000, Jim Reed Consulting have been building and streghting teams by having workshops that teaches respect to individuals in a dynamic workforce setting. Corporate employees and matriculate students across America speaks highly of the experiences experienced within the Jim Reed Consulting programs.

Leadership Development:

Leadership has always been and always will be an important factor in human affairs. Our workshop format utilizing the “engaged learning” concept. Our “engaged learning” allows our participants to keep the idea of always learning to ensure continuous leadership developments by exposure to new people and situations in all aspects of life.

Diversity in Leadership:

We work and live in a global community. Diversity provides many challenges to understanding our fellow employee and fellow peers of diverse backgrounds that we all need to learn and develop on. Our firm provides the training and core concepts to help individuals to better learn and experience different diverse situations to be prepared in the work force.