Jim Reed
Jim Reed Consulting

Lecturer, Team Building & Diversity Consultant, Life Coach

As a Professional Lecturer, Life Coach, Trainer and Keynote speaker, Jim doesn’t knock his audiences dead but alive.  His boundless energy and passion to move his listeners to new and higher levels of thinking has become the ultimate signature for his audiences in Russia, Western Europe, and Latin America.

He has more than 20 years in the information processing environment with special emphasis and interest in K-12, University education and the general business environment.  In addition to being a Corporate Trainer and Coach with outstanding facilitation and communication skills, Jim has extensive experience in teambuilding, diversity training, leadership development and education.  Additional service offerings are inclusive of leadership training, management development, and motivational speaking.   After 20 plus years with IBM, Jim decided to widen his endeavors and established his own consulting firm, Jim Reed Consulting.

His services extend into universities here in the United States as well as internationally in places such as Latin America.  He has developed curricula in various levels of learning in the areas of communications, leadership development, diversity issues,  team building initiatives, and more.  He also has had the opportunity to serve in the past as an adjunct faculty member at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, in association with its corporate services group delivering course material in the areas of leadership development and diversity strategies.  Curricula are provided not only in lecture format but also in an array of workshops and seminars tailored to the specific needs of his clients.  Jim refers to his key messaging objective as “engaged learning”, thus implementing all four learning modalities at the highest level.  His European travels have enabled him to reach out and touch many cultures, which have dramatically expanded his view of “Life Long Learning”, creating another passion for him.

Jim is also recognized nationally and internationally as a professional speaker who delivers powerful motivational messages and seminars related to Team Building, Cultural Diversity and Corporate Training.  He has been listed in the National Speaker’s Guide of the American Marketing Association, where he has received the highest rating accorded a speaker.  His signature expression which sets him apart from his peers is, “Education is great, desire is better.” With that “torch” statement, Jim continues to heighten that desire in the hearts of his audiences wherever his travels take him.  Recently, Jim was awarded and recognized as the 2010 honoree of the year by the Beta Gamma Sigma Fraternal organization at PACE University.  His passion reigns among his firm conviction that motivation although good, is still temporary, as opposed to inspiration, which yields the more important permanent value and outcome that is reflected in our beliefs and behavior.  In May, of 2012, Jim joined Lansing Community College as an adjunct in the Continuing  Education Department.  There are far-reaching overtones to this position since Jim resides in Atlanta, Georgia.   Webinar technology will permit his message to be delivered anytime, anyplace.

Curriculum/Seminar Offerings:  Inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Diversity in Leadership
  • Diversity in The Workplace
  • Adapting to Diverse Cultures
  • International Marketing Strategies
  • Career Strategies
  • Life Coaching
  • Understanding Your Dimension of Behavior – DiSC Training, Carlson Learning Company
  • Designs Team Building curriculums, workshops/seminars
  • Corporate Trainer – curriculum developed
  • Webinar development of delivery