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Curriculum/Seminar Offerings:

Needless to say, understanding the key prerequisites of an impending interview becomes one of the highest priority items you can have in securing the job of your dreams. One important question to consider is do you have an agenda in place for interviewing the company? Are you prepared to walk away if they don’t meet your requirements? Knowing this “technique” and many others like this will enable you to be successful and more importantly confident that you are prepared to sell yourself and your unique value that you would bring to this organization. Be prepared to role play in this session.

Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War for Executives” strongly suggests that along with a good strategy are equally good “tactics”. This presentation provides the student with the necessary tools in developing these tactics and effectively implementing them as it relates to their career choices and/or focus. The results will produce a working strategy complimenting their utilization of these tools.

How knowledgeable are you in dealing with cultures other than your own? Would you work for an organization that didn’t have diversity as part of their strategic plan? Yes? Why? No? Why not? If our government is looking at Corporations as it relates to their diversity initiatives, should you do the same? Diversity is NOT a racial issue but a cultural one. Understanding similarities and appreciating differences is a key criterion for your personal productivity and advancement in the workplace. This presentation directs your attention to three key areas your knowledge, confidence and competence in understanding diversity in the workplace.

One of the most important compositions you’ll ever craft, is your resume. It will open the doors of opportunity for you or close them if not thoroughly thought out and planned. What is inclusive in the cover letter that stimulates interest in reading your resume? Should you use the term “objective” in the beginning or “summary”? How should your resume set you apart from all of the other candidates? This session addresses these issues and more.

This session utilizes a tool created by Carlson Learning Company, called “Quick DiSC”. It asks the participants to identify how each of their strengths has contributed to the success of their team or chapter in the past. The focus is on celebrating past achievements. It allows them to assess their unique personal traits that have brought them that success. I will then facilitate an exercise that allows the students to correlate and implement these traits as they would see them utilize in their future workplace.

Student organizations are a vital part of our campus life today. Although their focus groups differ on campus and their mission statements vary, the one common thread they all must demonstrate in their respective organizations is team synergy. Today more than ever before in the workplace, working in teams is current reality. This presentation/workshop provides the students with the necessary tools to help their campus organizations become more effective. In addition they will take this experience into their future workplace and provide value added contributions to their diverse work groups.

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